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Holiday Xperience Brand Story - 品牌故事

My mother came from a simple town called Tainan which locats in Taiwan. There were seven people in her family, all their livings depend on the meagre income of my grandfather from selling socks in the market, they had been in a tough period at that time. Until my mother got married, only one mattress as dowry for her, and then she started a small business with my father after their marriage. No matter how difficult the situation was, we all had been taken care of all the time, they wanted nothing but that all children had their hopeful future.

With my growing up, my mother had always taught us to keep the passion and optimism and keep on discovering the world. So many wonderful trips had been arranged even just with limited budget. This spirit that my mother has been holding on has became the reason of establishing Holiday Xperience. I hope this spirit, as well as the feeling, will keep been passed to others who will be in a trip. You will be treated as our family, “No matter where family is, there is a place to call home”. This kind of warmness, as the feeling, will be found when you are with us.

We truly believe “We Are In Travel For You”. As a professional service provider, we will provide you with wonderful and unforgettable trips. A variety of planned itineraries with affordable budget can be found in our high-quality products. Working with you to design perfect trips and making you enjoy such an amazing world of happiness and excitement have been our responsibility and corporate philosophy. Holiday Xperience will always take the extra step.


在我的成長歷程中,母親不管有多辛苦,都堅持要透過旅行的方式讓我們快樂,即便再有限的預算,母親總能為家人們安排一次次溫馨暢快的旅程。母親的這份堅持,成為我成立悠遊假期 的初衷,並希望能將這份出遊後的感動,傳遞給參加旅行的人;我希望旅人們能受到如家人般的對待,讓您不論來自何方,在我們用心服務的堅持下,都能讓您感受來自故鄉般的溫暖,因為「家人在哪,家就在哪」。


Brand Service - 品牌服務

Holiday XP has 14 branch stores in two major cities of Australia to provide tourist with different expedition plans. Our Holiday XP team has a good command of high technology and is rich in experience at the same time. With this young and energetic team, we can provide global service all year round. The main scope is domestic inbound tourism, outbound tourism, business arrangement, MICE tourism and airfare ticket business and etc...

在澳洲兩大城市共有14間分店提供給旅遊者不一樣的探險計畫,Holiday XP團隊年輕有活力並走在科技的尖端,經驗豐富,全年無休全球服務。主要經營境內旅遊,出境旅遊,商務考察,會展旅遊,航空票務等業務。

We provide products and services for ethnic Chinese in Australia as well as offer innovative packaging of a variety of tourism products, market positioning analysis, physical sales of partner and promotion through online platform. We provide the latest news and the most sincere service for every tourist who loves travel.



Time 4 Taiwan 

Time4Taiwan is the preferred for oversea Chinese travelling to Taiwan! It collects natural beautiful scenery and tourism resource together and provides tourists with distinctive local conditions and customs result from local characteristics and historical monuments. Star hotels, home stay, rural inn, religious festivals, customs, authentic refreshment, Michelin restaurant... all of these are the invitation of Taiwan!


Service provided by the Company - 公司服務内容

  • Tourism product retail, wholesale, agent and booking 
  • Australian travel agency chain store establishment 
  • Market research, design and orientation of tourism product 
  • Australian business investment counseling


CorporateXP - 商務專區