Global Tourism Wholesale Service


  • HXP American 美國專家旅遊網
    HXP American is the first one to launch ethnic Chinese (in Australia)-America tourism. HXP American, relying on multitudinous tour routes, high quality service and reliable journey, has won the first place of North American tour sales several times. In addition, it has won praise in the global ethnic Chinese-America tourism market and has been thought highly of by Los Angeles Tourist Administration.With decades of OTA service experience, HXP American has become the preferred outbound tourism expert for ethnic Chinese in the whole world, providing global travel service with North America as the core.HXP American has the largest overseas tourism selections: classic Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, world-famous Grand Canyon, spectacular Niagara Falls, Hawaii, romantic Orlando, the prestigious European medieval historic city, beautiful Oceania - Australia and Oceania - New Zealand and so on.Thousands of travel route provided by us will take you to every corner of the world.
  • HXP Europe 歐洲專家旅遊網
    HXP Europe was established in 1984, providing professional European travel service. Variety of European travel provided by HXP Europe is planned, arranged and accompanied by professional guide. Popular conventional route, theme travel and five-star pleasure activity are available in HXP Europe.