Company Profile 公司檔案

To accomplish the mission of “We are in travel for you”, Holiday Xperience was born in Australia. Its overseas representative offices are more and more in face of the tide of modern globalization. The company adheres to the operation philosophy of “diligent and practical in business” and the brand feature of “satisfy customers with excellent service” to provide customers with more convenient and speedy service outlets and diverse tourism service. It is building the first brand in Australia and the leading brand in the world. 
  • Essence of Tourist Service Industry
  • Financial Guarantee and Risk Management
  • Chain Store & SOP Standard Operation Procedure
  • Keep Improving and Excellent Quality & Reasonable Price
  • Blend in with multi-culture and start the journey of soul
  • Transparency of Information & Accessibility 

秉持著We are in travel for you的使命原則,Holiday Xperience悠遊假期於澳洲落地生根,迎接全球化的時代潮流不斷擴大海外據點,過程中秉持「凡事用心,穩健務實」的經營理念與「追求卓越、顧客滿意」的品牌特質,為客戶提供更方便快速的服務管道和更多元的觀光旅遊服務,打造澳洲第一國際領先品牌。

  • 觀光服務產業的本質精神
  • 財務保障與風險管理
  • 連鎖店面與SOP標準作業流程
  • 精益求精、物超所值
  • 融入各地多元文化、從心出發
  • 資訊透明化及方便取得便利性

Company History 公司歷史


  • Holiday XP a one-person retail tourism company, was founded in the suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The turnover in the first year was AUD 500,000. 
    Holiday XP成立於澳洲墨爾本郊區,且為1人的旅遊零售公司。第一年營業額為50萬澳幣約1,400萬台幣。


  • It set foot in a large Chinese shopping mall, and became a 5-person company. The annual turnover was AUD 1 million.


  • It established the first branch in the CBD of Melbourne and became an 8-people company. The annual turnover was AUD 3 million.


  • “I Love Travel”, a wholesale tourism brand, was registered officially.
    旅遊批發品牌 I Love Travel 正式成立。

  • It had a motor home, operating tourist routes in Victoria and Tasmania.
  • The number of people that leave or enter the country for the purpose of tourism by the help of this company was about 5000 persons.

  • It became a 12-person company. The annual turnover was AUD 4 million, equivalent to about TWD 100.8 million.
  • It saw a triple growth of two brands and the middles-sized sightseeing bus increased to 5. The wholesale tourism products covered the whole Australia.

  • The number of people that leave or enter the country for the purpose of tourism by the help of this company was about 15,000 persons.

  • It became a 20-person company. The annual turnover was AUD 8 million, equivalent to about TWD 216 million.

  • It began to independently operate Time 4 Taiwan, a Taiwan tourism brand, specializing in the foreign tourists to Taiwan. 
    開始獨立的台灣旅遊品牌Time 4 Taiwan,專門經營國外遊客至台灣旅遊。


  • Holiday XP, the retail tourism brand in Australia was repacked and appeared in market. 



  • Holiday XP, the retail tourism brand in Australia was repacked and appeared in marke
    Time 4 Taiwan 第一個產品至年中已超過8,000位遊客參加Time 4 Taiwan的旅遊團。


  • Melbourne CBD 店開幕
  • Dandenong 店開幕


Holiday XP, the retail tourism brand in Australia was repacked and appeared in mar澳洲旅遊零售品牌HolidayXP重新包裝上架。

  • Springvale 店開幕
  • Clayton 店開幕
  • Whitehorse 店開幕


  • QV Melbourne 店開幕
  • Melbourne Central 店開幕
  • Bundoora 店即將開幕
  • The Glen 店即將開幕


  • AFTA

Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA), founded in 1957, is the most authoritative representative in the tourism industry of Australia. They devote themselves to: 

  1. Make the tourism industry of Australia more professional.
  2. On behalf of the industry and government efficiently
  3. Promote the development of education and training continuously
  4. Provide support in business through professional service and consultation. 
  1. 提高旅遊行業的專業度。
  2. 有效代表行業和政府。
  3. 不斷推動教育和培訓的發展。
  4. 通過專業的服務和諮詢,給予業務上的支持。
  • Travel Compensation Fund

Travel Compensation Fund (TCF), is a statutory official mission in the tourism industry of Australia, responsible for the supervision on the financial status of practitioners in the tourism industry, accepting the complaints from tourists and making compensation to tourists (including overseas ones) when a travel agency is bankrupt. To become a member of TCF, a travel agency has to donate an amount of money to TCF free of charge and gradually increase its donation as the growth of its turnover. TCF conducts annual inspection on members and the membership of agencies fail to meet the qualification requirement shall be cancelled. 

TCF全名是Travel Compensation Fund(遊客賠償基金會),是澳大利亞旅遊業法定官方機構,負責監管所有旅遊行業從業者的財務狀況,接受所有遊客的投訴,以及在旅行社沒有能力時為遊客(包括海外遊客)提供財務賠償。要成為TCF的會,旅行社必須無償捐贈TCF一筆金額費用,而且隨著營業額的增加需要相對應增加捐款數目。TCF還會每年對會員進行審查,不符合資格與要求的旅行社將被取消會員資格。

  • ATAS會員認證

ATAS is a certification symbolizing the quality benchmarking of tourism industry. It is necessary to pass ATAS, train insurer officer on the job and pass SOP standard operation procedure to confirm the financial status, to set up a standard in the tourism industry in Australia. Therefore, the tourism companies passing ATAS certification can win the trust of consumers to the maximum extent.



Our Mission 公司使命

Holiday Xperience Travel Group We are in travel for you

Operate on land, safe, dependable and tender.
Make use of mini-area resources to create new lively and high-quality tourism culture.